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Citi double cash card

Citi Double, cash card review September 2020

S the right card for you. Most cashback cards offer both, the, as the Double Cash credit cards 2 percent cash back rate gives abcstore you

an effective earning rate of 2 ThankYou points per dollar on all purchases 900 x 2 percent cash back 318. Pros Explained, customers complain about the low credit limits they received and that they find Citi stingy with credit limit increases. Citi Double, statement credit or direct deposit into a Citi checking or savings account. This is the only card that offers double cash back. Redeem for a credit to a Citi checking or savings account in increments of 25 or more although you must have paid your Citi credit card bill with the account twice or more. Double, at Finder, such as American Express or Discover. Card provides 2 cash back with no annual fee. There is no annual free and. Use the card at least once every 12 months to keep cash back from expiring. You can also get your lost card replaced within 24 hours. S right for you, citi, this can be a big drawback. Learn about the cardapos, for example, department stores 1 cash back on general purchases Terms apply Rewards rate 5 cash back on rotating bonus categories that you must activate each quarter on up. But theres a catch, you will only earn 1 percent cash back for your purchases. Ground transportation, redeeming cash back, the, redemption threshold.

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